The Fundamentals of Web Design

The Fundamentals of Web Design

If you want to begin web designing, you must learn a few tricks of the trade. In order to master web design, you need to grasp the fundamentals of web design first, such as the terminologies, techniques as well as the basic code snippets needed in order to learn web design. For this post, we will focus about the fundamentals and basic terminologies involved in the world of web design. In order to learn web design, you’ve got to understand the following first.

What is Web Design?

The term web design itself very broad as it encompasses a lot of skills such as coding, designing and even programming. But in general, web designers are in charge of making the front-end attractive, elegant and beautiful. In addition to that, if you ask ten different people what is design, you’ll get ten different answers. Therefore, web design is a very broad term.

Parts of Web Design – UI Design

UI is short for user interface, and this is a crucial part of any website. When you design a user interface, you are designing a structure for how the website will be perceived intellectually. A great user interface consists of a great theme, which will allow your users to know what to click and what to do in your website.

Parts of Web Design – Visual Elements

A visually appealing website will have more conversions compared to those poorly designed sites. Creating elegant visual elements could have a psychological impact to your visitors and they are more likely to perform your goal. The visual element consists of colors, graphics, style and layouts.

Parts of Web Design – Site Structure

This part is designing how the website will be built. This usually comes coding using three major languages, the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Usually, this type of design deals with user interface and interaction as well as the visual elements. A good knowledge of the three languages is a must for this part.

Putting It All Together

In a nutshell, being a web designer encompasses a number of skills. The first thing that you need to learn is visual designing. You must be able to produce a visually appealing website, which looks professional, clean and elegant. Then, you need to know how to design the user interface. A great user interface consists of an easy to navigate website and direct users to the next step by providing an easy to understand layouts and menu. Lastly, being a web designer entails the knowledge of coding, mainly HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Knowledge of these things is needed in order to become an effective web designer, that is, if you’re planning to create a solo endeavor. However, if you are to work with a company, you can focus on either parts of web design in order to become more proficient and skillful.